Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Words to Prolong a New Year's Hangover


1. Great minds rarely think alike.
2. Elected office holders do think alike, and elevate the meaning of stupidity with every public action which has an economic consequence.
3. Taxation is theft--taking something of value by force.
4. Put another way, taxation is theft by an association of thieves, and you are one of them.
4. Things that happen not by choice, happen by chance, or not at all. Same difference. (oxymoron)
5. I think, therefore I am (different). Wishful thinking? 


  1. All Greek to me.
  2. Be good.
  3. Egg on your face.
  4. Keep your eye out for----
  5. Pig out.
  6. Funny farm.
  7. Drink like a fish.
  8. Pull my finger.
  9. What national debt?
10. Bottom line.
11. Living wage. (A tad more useful than a dying wage.)
12. Social justice. (Two words where one will suffice, but only if the petitioner can afford it.)
13. Birds and bees.
14. War on drugs.
15. War on poverty.
16. Fair share.
17. Republican Party Principles.
18. Democratic Party Principles.
19. In a pig's eye. (A kinder substitute for B.S.)

                                    MORE POTPOURRI

1. Relax, gringo, I'm here legally.
2. I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.
3. Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.--Mark Twain
4. It is better to receive than give.--Rev. Farley Smoot
5. Those who criticize past mistakes are likely to repeat them.


  1. Pre-owned.
  2. Mechanically separated meat.
  3. Full-figured.
  4. Doing it.
  5. Pro-choice. (all choices?)
  6. Pro-life. (anti-war, anti-capital punishment?)
  7. Peacekeeping troops.
  8. Underprivileged.
  9. Abortion.
10. Blow.
11. Collateral damage.
12. Landfill.
13. Sleep around.
14. Knocked up.
15. Civilization.

                          Words Scheduled for Burial in 2013

1. Awesome.
2. Really?
3. Diet.

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