Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buster Brown, The Yellow Kid and Yellow Journalism


   The creator of Buster Brown was Richard F. Outcault, one of America's first comic strip cartoonist. Outcault had gained a bit of fame in the 1890's with his comic strip "Down in Hogan's Alley." The comic was set in the dirty city tenements and back yards of New York City. The characters included all kinds of toughs and street urchins. One of the urchins was a bald-headed child in a long filthy nightshirt. Outcault eventually used the nightshirt to make social comments on the cartoon subject. In experimenting with yellow ink, printers at the newspaper used the nightgown as a test area for this hard-to-print color. The public fell in love with the character and because of his yellow nightgown nicknamed him "The Yellow Kid."

Ken Kocab, contributing writer, The ENGLEWOOD Review.

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