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Mr. E. J. Pennington Caught and Released After Discharge of Debts

Cortland Evening Standard, Saturday, January 3, 1903.


Seize Clothing of Airship Man's Wife and Will Sell It.

   Racine, Wis., Jan, 3.—A remarkable scene it was yesterday when the clothing of E. J. Pennington of airship fame, who first taught King Edward the pleasures of riding in an automobile, was sold to pay the debts of the famous promoter. Pennington came here in November, secured luxurious quarters in a hotel, and began securing capital to launch a $5,000,000 automobile factory.

   While his headquarters were here, he made frequent trips to Cincinnati, Detroit and New York. Incidentally, he ran up a big hotel bill here and at the Nicholas hotel in Cincinnati and then went to Detroit on another trip. While he was gone his landlord closed up his rooms in Racine and confiscated the clothing of Mrs. Pennington, including several $400 gowns.

   Yesterday this was offered for sale, but the sale was stayed by a court order which would allow the other creditors to participate in the proceedings, and the sale will take place in another week.

   Pennington was once worth about $1,000,000.

   This news will be read with keen interest by residents of Cortland for Pennington will be well remembered here as the man who attempted to start an automobile [motor bicycle] factory in the plant of the Hitchcock Mfg. Co. in this place.

   His course of procedure while in Cortland was not very different from that described in Racine. He spent money lavishly and then forgot to pay his board bill at the Cortland House when he left and a number of other bills about town. In consequence, a half dozen or more creditors watched for a long time to get track of him within the confines of New York state. Once he was apprehended but slipped away. Again he was found within the state and this time Sheriff Brainard invaded New York City and caught his man.

   He was to be brought to Cortland for trial, but concluded to settle up with his creditors and the matter was finally adjusted and the defendant discharged.


Sig Sautelle, the Show Man, will Take Possession Monday.

   Sig. Sautelle, the veteran showman, has purchased the Kremlin hotel of Mrs. Nora Rowe and will take possession of the same next Monday morning. Mr. Sautelle will run a strictly first-class two dollar-a-day hotel. He will give it his personal supervision for a time at least and no part of his show troop will be brought to Cortland.

   As a part payment for the hotel Sig. gives his farm of 140 acres, three miles north and east of Homer, known as the Scudder farm. The consideration for the property is said to be $16,000.

Topsy Must Die.

   New York, Jan. 3.—Topsy, the big elephant whose man-killing record exceeds that of any other elephant in captivity, will be executed tomorrow at noon. Topsy got loose at Coney Island yesterday and held 500 men at bay for five hours. Thompson and Dundy, her owners, have tried to give her away without success and finally decided on an execution.


3) Topsy killed by electrocution on January 4, 1903.
4) Kremlin Hotel:

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