Wednesday, June 26, 2013


   Overcast, warm and humid. Air-conditioning broke down. Checking with the Cortland Travel Center, Travelzoo, Sherman's and Kayak for a vacation deal to Alaska.
   Only live things zipping around in this weather are flies and mosquitoes, and the birds who eat them.
   Right about now, the north pole may not be cold enough.   
   Don't know what's wrong with those morons in Albany. They recently passed a plethora of laws which affect all of us, but forgot the one to lower humidity. We hear it was introduced by Senator Sham, but the bill died in committee.
   Guess the campaign money wasn't there to support it.
   Speaking of political campaign contributions, our state legislature in session this year appeared unaffected by the heat of public opinion. Approving a four-casino measure for statewide referendum, they voted not to exclude casino operators' political campaign contributions which may influence the referendum.
   They actually bragged about it and called it government transparency.
   It is.

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