Sunday, September 22, 2013




    ‘Baxter” is a robot designed by Rethink Robotics to work with humans on defined assembly line tasks. It has a face and artificial intelligence. The robot costs $22,000. 'Baxter' has five cameras, a sonar sensor, and a penchant to grab things.
   Conjecture or perhaps rumor in the scientific community suggests that a Boston woman fell in love with 'Baxter' when she witnessed its sexy eyes flirting during a TV documentary. Don't let this happen to you.
   A special word of caution for husbands: keep your eyes on joint checking and savings accounts. If $22,000 suddenly goes missing, it's possible that your wife was seduced by a robot taken off line by hackers and reprogrammed for adulterous romance. On the other hand, if an errant husband falls for the amorous robot, a wife should use a large electromagnet and shotgun to separate them. As to which gets what, the wife should be the final judge.
   To see ‘Baxter’ in action, click on YouTube:


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