Friday, February 6, 2015



     Three key staffers of the Cortland Contrarian will be on vacation for about two weeks. Our blog posts will be temporarily halted until February 22, 2015, when the Cortland Contrarian will resume its local history exploration with vintage newspaper posts.

     We encourage our readers to explore existing posts, especially the earlier posts. (Former) Mayor Susan Feiszli’s Post-Primary Election Statement, Alderman Leonard’s emails, Abel Olmstead, Three-Legged Mouse, Conjecture and Rumor, Has Anyone Seen Sherwood, Sherwood's Photo Released, Sherwood Elopes with Chiquita Banana, Sherwood Applies for a Real Job, and No Cow Left Behind are some of the favorites. We have posted fiction and non-fiction and opinion pieces on various subjects. Posts are listed by year and month.
     Our thanks to Thomas M. Tryniski of Fulton for the free non-commercial use of his newspaper archives. His website is original, unique and certainly worth visiting. We encourage those who use his newspaper resources to send him a donation for maintenance. Link:

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