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The Cortland Democrat, Friday, February 28, 1890.

Town Meeting.
   After reading the reports of the Supervisor, Railroad Commissioners and Commissioners of Highways of the town of Cortlandville on Town Meeting day, a motion to raise $500 for highway purposes in addition to the $250 now authorized by law to be appropriated for that purpose was adopted.
   On motion of Theodore Stevenson the following resolution was adopted:
   Resolved, That hereafter and until otherwise ordered by Town Meeting, the annual reports of the Supervisors, Commissioners of Highways and all other town officers made at Town Meeting be published in two newspapers published in this village, and of opposite politics and the expense of such publication be a town charge and the Town Board was authorized to make contracts, therefor.
   On motion the Town Board was authorized to secure a proper place for holding the next town meeting.
   On motion the Town Board was authorized to place a gas light near the D. L. & W. R. R. crossing between Homer and Cortland.
   On motion the Commissioners of Highways were directed to use the moneys collected from the D. L. & W. R. R. Co., for road tax, on the highways in the districts where the assessment is made instead of placing such money in the general highway fund.

Treasurer’s Report.
   Report of monies received and paid by Village Treasurer from March 6, 1889, to Feb. 24, 1890.
Amount due the treasurer 1889, $1,042.83
Paid for engine house, $2,038.16
Streets, $7,761.48
Contingent fund, $476.51
Sanitary, $396.00
Police, $1,856.11
Erroneous tax, $5.75
Village litigation, $218.00
New street lamps, $41.72
Fire alarm, $5.73
Fire hose, $1,050.00
Assessor, $284.00
Village Clerk, $200.00
Hydrants, $4,166.66
Fire department, $700.00
Printing, $280.51
Village Treasurer, $50.00
Salaries village officers, $544.44
Rent for storing village property, $30.00
Light for streets, $4,556.83
Interest, $1,321.86
Bonds, $3,000.00
School Board, $4,775.00
Total, $34,801.59
From G. T. Latimer, Collector, $32,302.81
From G. T. Latimer, Special, $367.00
Poll, $495.00
Police rents [no entry.]
Gravel, licenses, etc., $839.73
Balance due Treasurer, $797.05
Total, $34, 801.59
Fitz Boynton, Treasurer.

   The fifth discourse in the series upon eschatology will be preached by the pastor in the Congregational church next Sunday evening. Subject, "Hell."
   Dr. Cordo preaches a special sermon to business men next Sunday morning.
   Geo. F. Jones has been appointed postmaster at South Cortland.
   Brown & Maybury, the druggists, are making decided improvements in their store.
   Job printing of all kinds done in a neat and satisfactory manner at the DEMOCRAT office.
   The Cortland Standard has just turned out a very handsome catalogue for the Cortland Wagon Company. The work reflects much credit on our neighbor's job department.
   Be sure and see "Around the World in 80 Days," at the Opera House, next Tuesday evening. Seats on sale at Wallace's.
   Sheriff Borthwick returned to town with J. H. Rice last Saturday. His examination on the charge of forgery has been set down for Thursday, March 6th.
   The regular meeting of the Cortland County Council, Patrons of Husbandry, will be held at Cortland, in Good Templars' Hall, on Tuesday, March 4th, at 10 o'clock A. M.
   A large audience turned out to see "Held by the Enemy," in the Opera House, last Friday evening. The play is a very popular one, and it was produced in an excellent manner, giving satisfaction to all present.
   The Loyal Circle of King's Daughters will meet March 1st, at Mrs. Jasper Kellogg's, 111 Port Watson street. All members are invited to be present, as business of importance will be brought before the meeting.
   The Western Union Telegraph Company refused to pay the corporation tax amounting to $26.33, levied on their property in this village, and President I. H. Palmer sued the company to recover the amount, which was paid on Monday last.
   At W. T. Woodard's sale of blooded horses in Lexington, Ky., last week, Warlock, by Belmont, dam Water Witch, was sold for $15,000. Warlock is a full brother to Fitzgerald & Kellogg's Waterloo, and has never been trained.
   The E. C. & N. Railroad Company, owing to a rush of business, has put the third freight train on the road to accommodate the demand. The General Passenger and Freight Agent, C. W. Williams, is the right man in the right place, and business goes hustling along.—Ithaca Democrat.
   Commencing March 1st, the mail heretofore closing at 8 P. M. at the Cortland post office, will be held open until 9:30 P. M. After the office is closed mail must be deposited in the box formerly used in the post office window and now reopened, in order to be dispatched at this time. Office hours week days, 7 A. M. to 7:45 P. M., Sundays, 12 M. to 1 P. M.
   Last week the Chenango Union, one of our most valued exchanges, published at Norwich, N. Y., by G. H. Manning. Esq., appeared in a handsome new dress throughout. The Union enjoys the reputation of being one of the best country weeklies published in this or any other State, and has a large list of subscribers, who anxiously look for its appearance each week. The local department which has for many years been conducted by Mr. Jas. H. Sinclair, is one of its special features, and is always bright, newsy and entertaining. In fact every department of the paper shows excellent management. The new type makes the paper look handsome, but we almost feel that we have lost an old friend and must make acquaintance with a stranger. May the new Union "live long and prosper."
   The 45th Separate Company will elect a 1st Lieutenant next Wednesday evening, in place of Lieut. Dunsmoor, promoted to be Captain.
   Mrs. E. L. Rogers, who has been a very successful teacher in the Owego street school for several years past, has resigned on account of ill health, and will go to North Carolina in about two weeks in the hope of recovering. Mrs. J. E. Perry takes the place thus made vacant in school.

   Notice is hereby given that the following is an estimate of the moneys deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Cortland to be raised by tax for the ensuing year, and the several purposes and the amounts required by each.
Ordinary Expenses:
For Normal School Bonds, Principal $3,000.
For Normal School Bonds, Interest $980.50
For Fire Department, itemized as follows:
Services Janitor and Engineer, $800.00
Fuel, $250
Electric Fire Alarm, supplies and repairs, $300.
Ordinary repairs, $200.
Seven companies, C. F. D., $700.
Salary Chief Engineer, $100.
Emerald Hose Co., for bunkers, $50.
Hitchcock Hose Co., for bunkers, $30.
[subtotal] $2,250.
Salaries of village officers, itemized as follows:
President, $300.
Four Trustees, $400.
Police Justice, $1,000.
Assessors, $350.
Clerk, $200.
Treasurer, $50.
Four Policemen, $1,200.
[subtotal] $3,500.
Contingent fund, itemized as follows:
Printing, $400.
Stationery, $100.
Surveying, $200.
Rent, $150.
Repairs, $150.
Sanitary purposes, $600.
Election expenses, $100.
[subtotal] $1,700.
Lights for streets, $5,000.
Highway fund, $5,000.
Water hydrant rental, $4,500.
Total ordinary expenses, $25,930.50
   The foregoing ordinary expenses are raised by tax upon the taxable property and inhabitants of the village of Cortland for the year 1890, pursuant to the resolution and direction of the Board of Trustees of said village, as authorized by the new charter, SEC. 1. Title vii, chapter 342, Laws 1889.
Proposed appropriations for special purposes:
Resolution No. 1.
   Resolved, That the sum of $945.06 be raised by tax to cover the deficit in the fund for maintaining the fire department.
Resolution No. 2.
   Resolved, That the sum of $600 be raised by tax for the purchase of fire apparatus as follows:
A hose carriage for Company No 2, Orris Hose Co. $100.
A hose carriage for Company No. 4, Emerald Hose Co. $100.
A hose carriage for Company No. 6, Hitchcock Hose Co. $225.
The apparatus of Company No. 5, Protective Police Co. $175.
[subtotal] $600.
Resolution No. 3.
   Resolved, That the sum of $2,000 be raised by tax to purchase of Harrison Wells additional land in the rear of Fireman's Hall, for the use of the Fire Department, together with a right of way between said land and Orchard street, and to procure a clear title to the land upon which Fireman's Hall now stands.
Resolution No. 4.
   Resolved, That the sum of $6,525 be raised by a tax for the purpose of defraying the current expenses of the Union schools of the village for the coming year, itemized as follows:
For teachers' wages, $3,000.
For salary superintendent, $200.
For janitors, $800.
For fuel, $750.
For repairs, $1,200.
For supplies and incidentals, $400.
For insurance, $100.
For Census, $75.
Total, $6,525.
Resolution No. 5.
   Resolved, That the additional sum of $1,000 be raised by tax to defray the current expenses of maintaining streets and sidewalks.
Total ordinary expenses, $25,030.50
Total special purposes, $11,070.06
Total, $37,080.56
   The five resolutions (above set forth) to raise tax for special purposes will be submitted to vote by ballot at the next annual election, pursuant to the Charter of the village, SEC. 2, Title vii, Chapter 342, Laws 1889.
I. H. PALMER, Pres.

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