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The Cortland Democrat, Friday, March 14, 1890.

   A very large vote was polled at the charter election held in this village last Tuesday, and considerable enthusiasm was manifested. The Republicans worked hard, and by so doing managed to save a part of the ticket, but the Democrats elect the Police Justice by 15 majority. This was the plum that the Republican politicians were after, but it hung just a little out of their reach, thanks to the better element of the party which refused to be bought, bull-dozed or wheedled into line by the bosses. Mr. Van Brocklin, the Democratic candidate for [Village] President, made a remarkable run against Daniel E. Smith, probably the strongest candidate the Republicans could have nominated. Mr. A. J. Barber, the candidate for trustee in the fourth ward, was defeated by only 18 votes.
   About as unfair a method of conducting a campaign as we ever heard of, was that conducted by the Republicans against William E. Martin, the Democratic candidate for collector. Mr. Martin was one of the most efficient mail carriers under the last administration, crippled in one hand and altogether an excellent citizen and deserving man. Republican ticket peddlers represented that the Democratic candidate for collector was Mr. William Martin, the wealthy coal dealer, and it was urged that he did not need the office, which was a fact that was apparent to all. Mr. Martin lost a large number of votes in each of the four wards through this rascally misrepresentation. The parties who were engaged in this trickery knew they were lying to the people whom they duped in this manner.
   The Standard charges the result to the splendid organization in this town known as the Cortland Democratic Club. For once, at least, the Standard guesses well. We give below the vote in detail:

Rep.                                               Dem.
Daniel E. Smith, 218                     C. E. Van Brocklin, 192
Police Justice,
Enos E. Melon, 179                       Charles S. Bull, 229
Fitz Boynton, 223                          J. Hub Wallace, 188
Levi Wiser, 231                            Win. E. Martin, 181
Jonathan L. Watrous, 222             Wm. W. Winters, 181
Lewis V. Smith, 223                      Richard G. Lewis, 189
Samuel Freeman, 229                    John Ireland, 184
Commissioners Union Free School, Dist. No. 1.
David F. Wallace, 225                 Henry B. Hubbard, 187
Francis E.Whitmore, 225             Geo. L. Warren, 187
Fred W. Kingsbury, 226              Charles H. Gaylord, 183
To Fill Vacancy,
Roe A. Smith, 226                       Geo. H. Smith, 186
Inspectors of Election,
John Hackett, 215                         Clayton E. Rowley, 198
Henry St Peter, 204                      Edwin M. Hulbert, 188

Rep.                                              Dem.
Daniel E. Smith, 303                    C. E. VanBrocklin, 215
Police Justice,
Enos E. Mellon, 275                     Charles S. Bull, 233
Fitz Boynton, 330                         J. Hub Wallace, 172
Levi Wiser, 355                            Wm. E. Martin, 162
Jonathon L. Watrous, 348             Wm. W. Winters, 175
Lewis V. Smith, 351                     Richard G. Lewis, 152
Samuel Freeman, 351                   John Ireland, 149
Commissioners Union Free School, District No. 1
David F. Wallace, 354                  Henry B. Hubbard, 163
Francis E. Whitmore, 353             Geo. L. Warren, 163
Fred W. Kingsbury, 344                Chas. H. Gaylord, 174
To Fill Vacancy,
Roe A. Smith, 350                         Geo. H. Smith, 165
Chas. H. Price, 311                        Henry T. Dana, 185
Inspectors of Election,
Emmet F. Jennings, 353                William P. Winter, 160
Leray N. Hopkins, 354                  John Lonegan, 160

Dem.                                              Rep.
C. E. VanBrocklin, 267                 Daniel E.Smith, 262
Police Justice,
Charles S. Bull, 255                       Enos E. Mellon, 273
J. Hub Wallace, 240                       Fritz Boynton, 285
Wm. E. Martin, 253                       Levi Wiser, 277
Wm. W. Winters, 235                    Jonathon L. Watrous, 287
Richard G. Lewis, 237                   Lewis V. Smith, 288
John Ireland, 243                           Samuel Freeman, 285
Commissioners Union Free School, District No. 1
Henry B. Hubbard, 243                  David F. Wallace, 287
George L. Warren, 245                  Francis E. Whitmore, 284
Charles H. Gaylord, 243                Fred W. Kingsbury, 280
To Fill Vacancy,
Geo. H. Smith, 243                        Roe A. Smith, 286
Inspectors of Election,
James Culp, 237                             Irving A. Benedict, 281
Melvin A. Rice, 237                      James E. Briggs, 285

Dem.                                              Rep.
C. E. VanBrocklin, 150                 Daniel E. Smith, 146
Police Justice,
Chas. S. Bull, 161                          Enos E. Mellon, 136
J. Hub Wallace, 142                      Fritz Boynton, 157
Wm. E. Martin, 147                      Levi Wiser, 152
Wm. W. Winters, 141                    Jonathon L. Watrous, 159
Richard G. Lewis, 139                  Lewis V. Smith, 155
John Ireland, 142                           Samuel Freeman, 160
Commissioners Union Free School, District No. 1
Henry B. Hubbard, 142                 David F. Wallace, 158
George L. Warren, 142                  Francis E. Whitmore, 158
Charles H. Gaylord, 142                Fred W. Kingsbury, 158
To Fill Vacancy,
Geo. H. Smith, 141                        Roe A. Smith, 159
A. J. Barber, 135                            John Hodgson, 153
Inspectors of Election,
A. E. Hitchcock, 139                     Henry A. Randall, 153
Peter Cowley, 142                         Lewis V. Smith, 153

Resolution No. 1.
   Resolved, That the sum of $945.06 be raised by tax to cover the deficit in the fund for maintaining the fire department.
   FIRST WARD—117 for; 39 against. Second ward—214 for; 45 against. Third ward—199 for; 51 against. Fourth ward—128 for; 20 against. 
Resolution No. 2.
   Resolved, That the sum of $600 be raised by tax for the purchase of fire apparatus as follows:
A hose carriage for Company No 2, Orris Hose Co., $100.
A hose carriage for Company No. 4, Emerald Hose Co., $100.
A hose carriage for Company No. 6, Hitchcock Hose Co., $225.
The apparatus of Company No. 5, Protective Police Co., $175
[Total] $600.
   FIRST WARD— 111 for; 56 against. Second ward—198 for; 55 against. Third ward— 204 for; 54 against. Fourth ward—133 for; 17 against.    
Resolution No. 3.
   Resolved, That the sum of $2,000 be raised by tax to purchase of Harrison
Wells additional land in the rear of Firemen's Hall, for the use of the Fire Department, together with a right of way between said land and Orchard street and to procure a clear title to the land upon which Firemen's Hall now stands.
   FIRST WARD—111 for; 38 against. Second ward—135for; 127 against. Third ward—193 for; 69 against. Fourth ward—117 for; 36 against.
Resolution No. 4.
   Resolved, That the sum of $6,525 be raised by a tax for the purpose of defraying the current expenses of the Union Schools of the village for the coming year, itemized as follows:
For Teachers' Wages, $3,000
For Salary Superintendent, 200
For Janitors, 800
For Fuel, 750
For Repairs, 1,200
For Supplies and Incidentals, 400
For Insurance, 100
For Census, 75
Total $ 6,525
FIRST WARD—137 for; 9 against. Second ward—232 for; 15 against. Third ward—224 for; 117 against. Fourth ward—134 for; 11 against.
Resolution No. 5.
   Resolved, That the additional sum of $1,000 be raised by tax to defray the current expenses of maintaining streets and sidewalk.
   FIRST WARD.—128 for; 12 against. Second ward—205for; 49 against. Third ward—197 for; 58 against. Fourth ward—123 for; 25 against.

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