Wednesday, February 3, 2016



   The Cortland Contrarian obtains old newspaper articles from a free website operated by Mr. Tom Tryinski at Fulton, N. Y. As a result of recent massive software attacks, newspaper access is temporarily disrupted. Below is Mr. Tryinski’s explanation.

“Tomt: is having issues for the last several months or longer...being under constant attacks from spoofed IP addresses and or proxy servers around the world 24/7 using mass harvesting software to steal massive amounts of files from this site. This activity kills my bandwidth forcing me to increase an already costly component of running this site. I have put in place counter measures but it’s just slowing them down not stopping them. You have to ask yourself who the hell would want to do this and who would benefit from this activity.....I'm sure you will come down to the same conclusion I have. Pass this around the web maybe some peer pressure will cause a rethink about what they are trying to do.Tom Tryniski.” Fulton History/Old Fulton NY Post Cards.

   See Mr. Tryniski’s comments and other comments on the Web Chat page which suggest a for-profit perpetrator:

   The Cortland Contrarian was following a plan to publish old newspaper articles (1888 to 1900) from available Cortland newspapers. The village of Cortland formally transitioned into the city of Cortland in 1900 when the population exceeded 10,000. Some newspapers, such as the Cortland Standard, were not available to us during part of this time period. We were frustrated when we could not publish rival editorials between the Cortland Democrat and the Cortland Standard. Brother Jones and Brother Clark , the respective editors, fired broadsides at each other almost every week. We understand they gave as well as they took. We hope to demonstrate these editorial broadsides in future issues of the Cortland Contrarian. 

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