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Cortland County Fair Grounds and Race Track.

The Cortland Democrat, Friday, October 16, 1891.

List of Premiums.
   The following is a list of premiums awarded at the recent exhibition of the Cortland Co. Agricultural Society: 
   On Short Horns A. B. Benham & Son of Cortland took 1st and 3d throughout.
   Of Jerseys and Alderneys there was a good competition. A. D. Blodgett of Cortland secured 1st on herd and cow over two years, 2d on three year-old bull. A. P. Rowe of Cortland took 1st on cow 3 years, heifer 1 year. E. G. Youmans, Groton City, 1st bull over 4 years; John Kane, Cortland, 1st on bull calf, R. Fred Brooks, 2d; bull, yearling, Webb— South Cortland.
   Ayrshires—A. B. Winters of Cortland secured 1st on heifer calf and 2d on heifer two-year-old. T. Tillinghast, Cortland, won 1st on two-year bull, two-year heifer, yearling heifer and three-year-old cow.
   Holstein—C. E. Dillenbeck, Marathon, cow three years, 1st and 2d; 1st on bull three-year, bull calf and heifer calf; 1st on heifer two-year and 1st and 2d on yearling.
   Durhams—A. B. Benham & Son 1st on three-year cow; A. P. Rowe two-year cow; G. E. Persons yearling heifer.
   Jerseys—A. D. Blodgett, Cortland, captured 1st and 2d on cow three year or over; John Kane, South Cortland, 1st and 2d on two-year cow and also on heifer calf.
   Ayrshires—Cow three-year or over A. B. Winters, 1st; T. Tillinghast 2d and 1st on two-year-old. A. B. Winters 1st on heifer calf. All of Cortland.
   Holstein — W. S. Nye, Homer, was awarded 1st and 2d on cow, two-year and yearling heifer, 2d on heifer calf; Patrick Dempsey, Cortland, 1st on heifer calf.
   N. H. Winters took 1st on Devon cow.
   Stallions— Four-year, 1st Wickwire Bros., Cortland; 2d H. Wells, Cortland;  three-year, 1st Wickwire Bros.; 2d C. C. Spencer, Cortland; two-year, 1st B. H. Wheeler, Cortland.
   William Crandall of Cortland took 1st on stallions for all work.
   Roadsters—Samuel Stoker of Scott took 1st on pair in harness; Charles Alger, McGrawville, 2d; single mare, C. H. Osman, North Lansing, 1st; yearling gelding, T. H. Young, Homer, 1st.
   William J. Hollenbeck, Cortland, took 1st on his pair of carriage horses. Gelding 7 years, 1st H. G. Bosworth, Cortland; 5 years, 2d Zina Duesbury, Dryden.
   Saddle mare B. H. Wheeler, 1st; saddle pony, Master Charles Wickwire 2d, both of Cortland.
   Best farm team J. S. Park, Cortland; best mares three and two years, L. M. Loope, Cortland; two-year gelding, 2d, L. M. Loope.
   There were 23 entries of colts for carriage and road. Chas. Stoker, Scott, 1st on three-year gelding; B. H. Wheeler, mare two-year, 1st; W . S. Nye, Homer, 2d, also 1st on sucking horse colt. Filly sucking, F. Park, Cortland, 1st; B. H. Wheeler; 2d; R. G. Lewis 2d on sucking horse colt; Geo. Smith, Taylor, 2d on yearling gelding. There were no entries of draft horses. Charles McEvoy of Cortland took 1st on two-year gelding; W. S. Nye, Homer, yearling mare; P. C. Gilbert, Cortland, sucking filly.
   E. G. Youmans, Groton City, swept everything in the Merino department with a fine entry. A. B. Benham & Son took 1st on fat sheep, Shropshire and Southdowns.
   N. P. Salisbury, Cortland, was given the honors in this exhibit of stock.
   John Kane, South Cortland, best tub of butter. F. H. Sears, Cortland, best showing of cheese.

A New Drink Cure.
   One Dr. Keely of New York claims great things for his new drink cure—bi-chloride of gold—which Dr. Hammond of New York calls a fraud, and says that in a few months it will become as unattractive as "Keeley's motor." An exchange says "the price of Dr. Keeley's remedy to be used at home is $4.50 a bottle, and it will be better to invest your money in Mocha coffee and porterhouse steaks."
   The best remedy for drunkenness is at once simple, effective and cheap—when you take a glass of liquor, place in the same a sufficient amount of ipecac to make you sick at the stomach. Do this every day for a week, and you will be entirely cured of any desire for cocktails before breakfast. Test matters for yourself. If the remedy fails, charge the expense to us.

   August weather to October.
   Shipping potatoes from here at 25 cents a bushel.
   Look out for fires, too much care cannot be exercised.
   Water is the lowest now it has been for a great many years.
   The milk at the depot is dropping off at the rate of two cans a day.
   Smith Conine lost a valuable cow last week, got choked with a potato.
   A fire has been burning north of Little York near the railroad for nearly a week.
   Skunk catching is now the order of the nights. Three little boys and a little dog went out the other night and in 2 1/2 hours caught six. One little boy carried a club about three feet long and one carried a lantern and one a stick to string them on. The dog went ahead and found the game and would attract the game's attention, and when the boys caught up, one held the light and the club boy would run up close and hit the skunk over the head and lay him out and then put him on the string. Then as the dog would be bothered to track more game the boy with the club (who was master of ceremonies) took hold of the dog and would roll him round in the wet grass for 15 minutes, and he was then sufficiently purified so he could tell himself from the other skunks, and they started anew and caught 6 in that short time. This is for the benefit of little boys who don't know how to hunt skunks.


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