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The Cortland Democrat, Friday, November 13, 1891.
W. C. T. U.
   The following is a list of the officers, superintendents of departments, and standing committees, of the W. C. T. U. for the coming year:
   President—Mrs. James S. Squires.
   Vice-President—Mrs. Kate Greenman.
   Rec. Sec.—Mrs. Frank Watson.
   Cor. Sec.—Mrs. Edith Cotton.
   Treas.—Miss Sarah Hare.
   Vice-Presidents from the churches:
   1st M. E. Church—Mrs. D. D. Campbell.
   Homer Ave. M. E. Church—Mrs. Julia A. Bouton.
   Presbyterian Church—Miss Alice Purvis.
   Baptist Church—Mrs. Randolph Beard.
   Universalist—Mrs. Noah Parsons.
   Congregational—Mrs. Levi S. Johnson.
   Episcopal—Mrs. L. K. Shankland.
   Free Methodist—Mrs. Ida Winget.
   Catholic Church—Miss Mary A. Dowd.
   Superintendents of Departments:
   Scientific Instruction—Mrs. Julia Stoppard.
   Mothers' Meetings—Mrs. Daniel Smith, Mrs. Alma Walker, Mrs. M. H. Yale, Mrs. Barnes.
   Social Purity—Mrs. H. V. Welch, Mrs. F. D. Reese, Mrs. M. E. Rice, Mrs. S. H. Place.
   Literature—Mrs. Levi S. Johnson.
   Sabbath School Work — Mrs. S. S. Stearns.
   Heredity—Mrs. Scott Robinson.
   Legislation of Petitions—Miss Mary Dowd.
   Press Department—Miss Alice Purvis.
   Temperance Temple—Mrs. Levi S. Johnson.
   Evangelistic Dept.—Mrs. Kate Greenman, Mrs. Alma Walker, Mrs. P. T. Benjamin, Mrs. Ida Winget, Mrs. Anna Bentley.
   Miners, Lumbermen and Sailors Dept.— Mrs. E. W. Jepson, Mrs. M. H. Yale, Mrs. M. T. Perry.
   Sabbath Observance—Mrs. Anna Bentley.
   Juvenile Department—Mrs. Kate Scott Sanders.
   Prison and Jail Work—Mrs. S. J. Parmiter
   Sick Com.—Mrs. Randolph Beard, Mrs. L. J. Curtis, Mrs. D. H. Fralick, Mrs. Chas. Gregg, Mrs. Julia Tisdale.
   Relief Com.—Mrs. J. J. Carpenter, Mrs. A. Whiting, Mrs. Newton Cone, Mrs. S. P. Bulkley.
   Finance Com.—Mrs. E. Mudge, Mrs. D . Kratzer, Miss Mary Dowd, Miss Libbie Robertson.
   Music Com.—Mrs. E. B. Nash, Mrs. Julia Twiss, Mrs. Edith Cotton.
   Com. on Renting Rooms—Mrs. Randolph Beard.
   Organist—Mrs. Edith Cotton.

   The Cortland Harness Company's new building is enclosed.
   The Arkansas Traveler at the Opera House, to-morrow evening.
   The work on the Normal School addition is being pushed as fast as possible.
   The C. L. S. C. will meet at the residence of Mrs. J . O. Reid, 128 South Main street, Monday evening, Nov. 16th.
   The second annual reception of the Cortland Wheel Club will be held in their rooms in the DEMOCRAT building, on Friday evening, Nov. 20th.
   New livery barns are being built in the rear of the Mansion House in Homer. They are to be 140x40 feet. The hotel barn is also to be repaired.
   Burgess & Bingham, the well known clothiers, have a new advertisement on our eighth page that will be interesting to a large number of our readers.
   The Ready Workers Mission Band met in the church parlors, Tuesday, to fill a barrel which they are to send to the Home of the Friendless in New York city.
   The citizens of Homer have been putting several thousand German carp in the river at that place, in the hope of improving the fishing in that stream in the near future.
   Republicans in Cortland who bet on Peck's having a plurality in the district of 1000 and 1500, are cursing everybody and everything but the exercise of their own bad judgment. 
   Every candidate in the late campaign, whether elected or not, must file with the County Clerk, within ten days after election, a verified statement of all his election expenses. To-day, Friday, is the last day.
   We hear that G. I. Crane, George Stratt and A. H. Hoag, of Homer, caught over three hundred pickerel and perch from Little York lake, last week, in three days. The particular sort of bait used is not stated.
   The regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held at the rooms over Collins' store, on Saturday, Nov. 14th, at 2:30 P. M. Consecration service from 2:30 to 3 P. M. A large attendance is desired, as this will be an interesting meeting.
   P. A. Burdick, a distinguished lecturer on the subject of temperance, having been engaged by the pastors and united congregations in Homer, will deliver a series of lectures, commencing at 7:30 P. M., Nov. 18th, in the Congregational church.
   The statement published in the Syracuse Herald last week, that a collision had taken place between Dr. Cheney and the students in the Normal School is denied by the students. Nothing of the kind occurred and the school is running very satisfactorily to all parties.
   A new time table took effect on the E. C. & N. road, last Monday morning. Trains moving east pass this station as follows: 7:20 and 9:46 A. M. and 6:24 P. M.; moving west, 8:52 A. M. and 3:15 P. M., No. 6 arrives from Canastota at 8:00 P. M. Trains 1 and 4 are discontinued north of Canastota. The material change is in the afternoon train going west, which leaves about one half hour earlier. The time table in full will be found on our second page.
   Last Sunday morning Sheriff Borthwick heard an unusual disturbance in the jail, and thinking his boarders might be engaged in a scrap, unlocked the door and went in to quell the disturbance. Instead of a row he discovered a skunk crouching in one corner, where the prisoners had driven it. Deputy Duke and his spaniel dog were called and the prisoners were marched into the Grand Jury room, where the Sheriff stood guard, while Duke and the spaniel undertook the job of getting rid of t he skunk. The dog started for the essence peddler and the latter using his only weapon of defense made tracks for the door, and out through the hall and into Court street they went, where the dog finally killed the skunk. The jail was fumigated and sprinkled with chloride of lime and the prisoners were returned to their quarters.
   Sheriff-elect John Miller and wife gave a dinner party to several of their friends last Tuesday evening.
   A. H. Barber Hose Company, of Marathon, will hold a fair in Hulbert's Opera House, Nov. 25th, 26th and 27th.
   The colored people of Harford Mills will hold a dance at the Owego Valley House on Thanksgiving night, November 26th.
   John O'Connor gives a Thanksgiving party at his hotel in Truxton, Thursday evening, Nov. 26th. Butterfield furnishes the music.
   A very enjoyable evening was spent by about twenty couple who attended the dancing school reception given by Miss Tucker, last Wednesday evening.
   The meeting called by the citizens' committee, to consider the question of the telephone franchise, will be held in Firemen's Hall this evening. It is to be hoped that there will be a full attendance.
   While exercising a colt, the other day, Mr. T. Eugene Dye, the Supervisor of Cincinnatus, was kicked in the groin by the animal and quite seriously injured. He hopes to be sufficiently recovered to be able to attend the sessions of the board next week.
   County Clerk elect S. K. Jones has engaged the present clerk, Mr. H. T. Bushnell, to act as his deputy. This will insure proper management of the routine duties of the office. The present deputy, Mr. Howard J. Harrington, will also remain in the office for a time.
   The Homer Academy football team declined to play the return game with Dryden Academy, last Saturday; and on account of the late hour at which its refusal was received, the local team were unable to arrange any other game for that day. Saturday afternoon of this week, the first of the series of contests of the Dryden, Groton, and Moravia Academy football league will be played upon the fair grounds in this village between the Dryden and Groton teams. Game will be called promptly at 2 o'clock, rain or shine. Admission to the grounds, 15 cents; ladies free. The Rugby game will be something new to most of our people, and next Saturday's match should have a good attendance.—Dryden Herald.
Card of Thanks.
   The members of the Emerald Hose Company in general desire to express their sincere thanks to their many friends who so kindly loaned their presence and aid at the recent fair given under the auspices of the company in the Hopkins' Block. To those who so kindly rendered their services in the entertainment and to the many generous donors heartfelt thanks are as well extended. Thanks are particularly extended to Prof. Hardy and Mrs. T. F. Grady for their untiring efforts to make the event a success, and to the young ladies who so ardently worked in the interest of the fair through the many contests.

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