Friday, April 15, 2016



       Many, but surely not all of you, read the article on rent seeking (aka, Crony Capitalism) by accessing it through.  The link provided at the bottom of my last piece ‘NOW WHAT?’ Here it is again:

       After reading this, you have, or will have, a full understanding of how rent seeking/crony capitalism effects you and everyone you know and love. But, the studies cited do not go far enough.

       The English and Irish use an expression ‘the knock on effects’ by which they refer to the inevitable consequences of an event, taking a decision, an action etc. Many of the issues we’re struggling with in our current so-called campaign fall in this category.

       Consider the corruption of our Congress. They don’t even pretend to govern anymore; it’s full-time campaigning, fund raising and using the money to attack the other party. Thereby keeping their own people in line, outraged at the evil intentions of those other crazy people. This abdication of constitutional responsibility allows, even forces, the executive branch, and the courts to rule by regulation and to legislate from the bench. Democracy out goes Y-O-U.

       We are treated almost daily to another good idea for how to reform Congress, or how they should reform themselves—for the good of our country. What nonsense! The current system results in 90% plus reelection rate and a rich retirement. No organization, public, or private, can survive by providing a motivation system for its members, or employees that runs counter to the organization’s goals.

       There’s more: The climate of divisiveness and polarity in DC is getting worse. The possibility of intelligent compromise more remote. Our elected representatives are so caught up in the process of raising money from special interests that they have little time left in which to consider what the American people want—And why should they care? There’s no hope for a simplified tax code, a sensible immigration policy, reform of our miserable and uncompetitive education system, reduction of our ever mounting debt, or productivity-raising infrastructure.

       A note in passing: None of the above will be achieved when one party triumphs over the other, a bi-partisan approach is essential. Something to keep in mind as your hatred is stoked in the build up to November.

       The election will result in 4 to 8 years of growing disillusionment and frustration while we long for the next heroic president and ignore the underlying problem.

       But, not everyone will vote (after exhaustive attention to the issues) for the same party as last time. Some are planning to boycott both parties and write in a vote against corruption, i.e. Orville Rootstriker. Perhaps a true patriot, with enough money to self-fund her, or his, campaign, will notice and offer up 4 to 8 years of her, or his, life to restore our democracy. Meanwhile, we can all educate those with open minds as to the issue blocking all others. 

Joe Bakewell

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