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Benton B. Jones.

Cortland Standard and Weekly Journal, Friday, January 6, 1893.

Court Proceedings.
   The case of Jerome Squires vs. Benton B. Jones was called last night, but nothing was done yesterday save the selecting of a jury, which consists of Messrs. O. P. Miner, Cornelius Judd, John Vincent, Preston Luce, I. J. Barber, Henry Kennedy, Joel Crysler, King Wildman, B. B. Morehouse, Wm. Trapp, Wm. Beattie and Daniel Shapley. This is an action for libel brought by Jerome Squires, then a candidate for district attorney, against Benton B. Jones, the editor and proprietor of the Cortland Democrat, for an article entitled “Waitfair Parker,” published in his paper in the issue of Oct. 30, 1891, the whole article claimed to be libelous.
   The defence [sic] is that the article was the report of a judicial proceeding, that it was fair and privileged, that it was brought to the defendant by a creditable person, that he believed it to be true, that he published it without any malice and in good faith.
  The case was opened for the plaintiff by [former] Judge A. P. Smith. Aside from the article itself, which was produced in evidence, the testimony of only two witnesses was taken, Miss Adda F. Gillette and Mr. Frank E. Plumb. The prosecution then rested their case, and Hon. O. U. Kellogg, for the defence, moved for a non-suit which was denied.
   The defence was then opened by Mr. D. W. Van Hoesen. So far only one witness has been brought forward, Waitfair Parker. T. E. Courtney assisted by [former] Judge A. P. Smith for plaintiff, Kellogg & Van Hoesen for defendant.

Board of Trustees.
   At the regular meeting of the board of trustees Monday evening, President C. H. Price occupied the chair. The following bills were allowed and ordered paid:
Street commissioner’s pay roll, $45.25
J. A. Graham, 58.70
J. A. Graham, 50.00
Keeler & Co., 20 loads of dirt, 5.00
W. J. Elsom, 8 loads of dirt, 2.00
Mrs. Jane Pope, rent of barn on Groton-ave., 10.00
M. F. Howes, making plans, specifications and superintending the erection of the addition to Fireman’s hall, 47.66
George Peters, repairs to engine house, 33.80
L. G. Viole, extra work building addition to engine house, 60.77
I. N. Lounsbury, repairs to engine house, 1.25
J. F. Dowd, six month’s salary as chief engineer, 50.00
Frank M. Samson, salary 25.00
[Justice] C. S. Bull, three month’s salary, 250.00
Policemen, salary, 98.00
B. S. Weyant, tax paid on erroneous assessments, 9.40
Cortland and Homer Electric Co., light for December, 405.20
Brown & Morse, supplies for street lamps, 1.67
A. S. Brown ditto, 3.56
   It was resolved that the report of Mr. G. I. Pruden, secretary of the Cortland fire department, reporting the election of department officers at the recent department election and reporting also the change in membership of the Hitchcock Hose Co., be ratified and confirmed by the board as follows:
   Chief—N. J. Peck.
   1st Assistant Chief—A. G. Bosworth.
   2nd Assistant Chief—Frank Burns.
   Secretary—G. I. Pruden.
   Treasurer—C. P. Walrad.
   The following Hitchcock officers:
   President—C. H. Drake.
   Vice-president—George French.
   Foreman—C. C. Hitchcock.
   1st Assistant Foreman—Vern Ryan.
   2nd Assistant Foreman—James Wood.
   Secretary—Thomas Allen.
   Financial Secretary—William Dickinson.
   Treasurer—S. S. Horton.
   Prop. Clerk—George Mathews.
   Pipemen—Warren Olds, George Olds, Dell Meades and S. Dibble.
   Trustees—W. O. Nivison, C. D. Green and J. McCone.
   It was resolved that the president be authorized and empowered to execute in behalf of the village a lease with Mr. J. A. Graham for the use of a piece of land owned by him for operating the stone crusher at $50 per year to continue from June 1, 1893 to Dec. 1, 1893.
   Messrs. Swan and Price were appointed a committee to procure proper bedding for the cells in the lockup in the addition to Fireman’s hall.
   It was resolved that the warrant for the collection of taxes of the village be extended and its provisions continued in force for the period of 35 days and until February 7 and that the president and clerk be authorized to execute a renewal thereof.
    It was decided to allow the Water Witch Steamer and Hose and the Excelsior Hook and Ladder companies to occupy the second floor of the addition to Firemen’s hall for the purpose of being used by the said companies for bunkers for the members.
   The meeting was then adjourned to January 17.

Photo from Grip's Historical Souvenir of Cortland.
Steam Laundry Rebuilt.
   Mr. R. E. Gladding of Norwich has purchased the site of the Cortland steam laundry formerly owned by Mr. H. C. Beebe on the corner of Clinton-ave. and Washington-st., which was burned Oct. 28. Thirteen men are now working on the ruins clearing away the debris. The roof on the main building which was not greatly injured has been re-shingled. A new two-story wooden building 75x100 feet will be built. New machinery will be put in and when completed it will be one of the finest laundries in this section of the state.
   Mr. Gladding has had six years’ experience in the laundry business, having been associated with his brother at Norwich. He promises the best of work and expects to open for business about March 1. Mr. J. M. Sumner of Norwich is superintending the work of repairing and rebuilding.

Photos from Grip's Historical Souvenir of Cortland.
    Gladding & Brown, the proprietors of the Cortland Steam Laundry, have developed from a business started in a small way by Leander Stebbins in 1880 to an establishment which turns out all grades of work, from coarse goods to the finest draperies and tapestries. H. C. Beebe succeeded Stebbins in 1882, and down to 1895 he was followed by several different proprietors. On Oct. 4 of 1895 the business passed into the hands of Gladding & Card, who came to Cortland from
Norwich. In February, 1899, Mr. Dwight W. Brown bought Mr. Card's interest, and since then the firm has been Gladding & Brown. The laundry occupies two floors of a building on the corner of Clinton avenue and Washington street. It is equipped fully with not only the best laundry machinery, but machines used for cleaning carpets and renovating feathers. The power is supplied by a 40-horse power boiler and a 20-horse power engine. It is fitted with steam condensers so that filtered water, which is the best for laundry purposes, may be used, and has two steam dry rooms. Two wagons are used for collecting and delivering laundry.
   Mr. A. L. Gladding was born in Otselic, Chenango county, in 1864. In 1883 he entered the employ of H. C. Beebe in Cortland, and was with him for four years, when he went to Norwich and bought the laundry of Joseph Windsor and conducted it for eight years. Then he returned to Cortland, and in company with Mr. B. I. Card bought the Cortland Steam Laundry. He was married to Edith M. Frisbie of Norwich Feb. 11, 1890. He is a member of the John L. Lewis Lodge of Odd Fellows. Dwight W. Brown was born in Plymouth, Chenango county, Dec. 18, 1843. For ten years he worked in the grocery of A. Bosworth at Norwich, N. Y., and later the grocery of E. L. Smith, afterward, being employed by Harrington, the gardener. He came to Cortland at the time he went into partnership with Mr. Gladding. He married Frances T. Blackman of Norwich on Feb. 28, 1884—Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Cortland.

Sixtieth Anniversary.

   On Monday afternoon, Jan. 2, Mr. and Mrs. Prosper Palmer, who reside at 56 Greenbush-st., sat by the fire musing. It was but natural that their thoughts should take a retrospective channel. Feelings of thankfulness come forth to the Bountiful Giver as they recalled the many blessings that had been theirs to enjoy these many years. Coupled with these feelings a spirit of loneliness would involuntarily steal over them as they thought of many whom they had known in the past and they “Longed for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still.”
   At this time Mr. Artemas Reed, a life-long friend, knocked at the door. Soon others came until the house was well-filled, all wishing the aged couple a Happy New Year. A New Year’s call, however, was not the object of the visit.
   If the daily STANDARD had been published sixty years ago to-day it would have contained the following notice:
   PALMER-STILLMAN—In Cortland, N. Y., Jan. 2,1833, by Rev. J. S. Mitchell. MR. PROSPER PALMER and MISS LUCY STILLMAN, both of Cortland.
   The friends were then about to help Mr. and Mrs. Palmer celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding. Many were the reminiscences of the day. Mrs. Palmer exhibited a brass candlestick which Miss Lucy Stillman used to shine up when she expected a call from Mr. Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer have lived in or near Cortland all but six months of their married life.
   The invading party produced refreshments and after these had been disposed of a chorus choir was organized and Mr. Palmer acted as leader. Many of the old-time songs and familiar hymns were sung, and Mr. Palmer’s tenor voice seemed almost as clear as when he used to lead the choir in the Methodist church. After a most enjoyable session the company dispersed to their homes.
   Mr. Palmer will be 84 years old Jan. 21 and Mrs. Palmer 81 years old on March 17. They have had six children of whom four are living and were present yesterday: Rev. A. P. Palmer of Watertown, Mrs. F. W. Gillett, Mrs. E. W. Bates and Mr. W. G. Palmer of Cortland.
   The guests present yesterday were: Dr. and Mrs. D. D. Campbell, Rev. M. P. Blakeslee, Rev. A. P. Palmer, Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Edgcomb, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Edgcomb, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Edgcomb, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sturtevant, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gleason, Miss Juliana Freeman, Mrs. S. T. Tanner, Mrs. Susie Holden, Mrs. Jennie C. Myers, Mrs. Lyman Peck, Mrs. Mary Cantine, Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Reed, Mr. Artemus Reed, Mrs. Nathan Smith, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Beebe, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bates and son, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Tyler, Mrs. F. H. Gillett and three children, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Munson and little son, who is a great grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.

Party on Monroe Heights.
   Jan. 3. —Dr and Mrs. F. J. Cheney entertained a party of their friends at their pleasant home on Monroe Heights last evening. Most delicious refreshments were served and the occasion was a most delightful one to all concerned. Those who were present were Mrs. Smith, the mother of Mrs. Cheney who is a guest at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Cheney, Prof. and Mrs. D. L. Bardwell, Prof. and Mrs. Welland Hendrick, Prof. J. Edward Banta, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Hulbert, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clark, Misses Martha Roe, Sara A. Saunders, Carrie D. Halbert, Emma M. Squires, Mary S. and Anna W. Blackmer and Messrs. T. J. McEvoy and Edward D. Blodgett.  


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