Friday, November 18, 2016



     History has always been a favorite subject. It has led me to observe how human nature eventually wins out over governments and systems that fly in its face. I’ve held this belief for some time; it therefore causes me great pain to recognize that I’ve been wasting my time for years attempting the equivalent. I’ve held, and still hold, that the influence of special interest money has destroyed our democracy, diminished our economy and our social order. There is, in my opinion, tangible evidence of our deterioration. I’ve pointed some of these out in previous essays. You can probably add to the list. And I can, as well, but that’s not the point here.

     Human nature has taken over. The presidential campaign and its aftermath have sucked up all the oxygen. The problems that predate both have been completely ignored. Although the collective impact of these problems on our lives is far greater than the worst prognostications that have become part of our daily diet. The ease with which this has happened, and the national appetite for more of the same convinces me that I’ve been on a fool’s errand, and that I should direct my energies elsewhere.

     That’s it. Brevity is the soul of ……

     I will continue to write and to share my thoughts from time to time. I’m thinking of a piece on the separation of sex and marriage.
     Stay tuned and, in the meanwhile, check your portfolio. You don’t want to get burned when the aforementioned problems keep getting worse.

Joe Bakewell.

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