Sunday, January 29, 2017



While reading history I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena: Dictators and despots of all manner love their people. Hitler is but one example; while obsessed with his own power, much of what he did was for the German people—at least in his own mind. And check out Japan leading up to, and through WW2.

China is a current example. I would not want to live under an American one party system, but they do seem to be more efficient at getting things done. High speed trains and long-line DC transmission of electricity are aimed at decentralizing cities and reducing pollution.

Here we use AC electricity which does not transmit well and must be generated close to where it’s used resulting in a huge number of utility companies burning coal, oil or gas. Switching to DC would promote the use of clean, renewable energy. We could use ocean power in Ohio. Special interest money will, of course, intervene.

Many people believe that climate change is our number one problem, and that we need to move to renewable, clean energy. Others believe that we need to renew our economy and stop running up our debts before we’re unable to continue spending even at current levels.

Meanwhile, our leaders are ensconced in America’s fastest growing city feeding a media frenzy aimed at divisiveness. DC is not a place where value is produced. It is rather a huge recycling facility. They don’t grind up plastics and crush old cars, they turn special interest money into personal power. The public, entertained and distracted by a blizzard of propaganda, barely notices.

If you happen to believe that the nation’s growing debt and inequality at the corporate and personal levels are not that serious, party on. If you understand that these and other issues that predate Trump must be dealt with, then do a little arithmetic. Major issues cannot be fixed by one party. We really need our democracy back. Our elected representatives need to listen (really listen) to each other and relearn the gentle art of compromise. But why should they when we’re all playing along so nicely? Tune out. Stop supporting your party, you’re only making matters worse.

POLITICAL NEWS: There is none; even a verifiable factual item is reported with an explanation intended to influence your judgement and emotions. Use your customary sources for news about non-political events but never listen to, read, or watch politicians, celebrities, or commentators regarding politics. Pay attention only to what has already happened and comes from valid sources. You can believe most economic and social data: the job numbers, GDP, murder rates, the number of veterans who’ve committed suicide, etc. Judge politicians only by what they’ve achieved. 

In the meantime, relax, note that most of the good things that were supposed to happen didn’t, nor did the bad.

Joe Bakewell.

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