Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Last week I tuned into Trump’s speech and some of the following commentary. I had an uneasy feeling—something was wrong. I’ve been writing, for some time, about the corruption of special interest money (with little to show for it), but this was something else. Something else is on display in our discourse and media frenzy—despair perhaps. Finally, it hit me: politics is dead.

Nothing can happen, no problems solved, no reforms implemented. Politics is no more meaningful in our lives than a professional sports league—fun to watch and root for a team, but, win or lose, our lives go on unaffected. We get to choose left, or right—liberal or conservative, but neither effects an improvement. Our team can win, but our debt continues to spiral out of control while other huge problems continue to fester. Meanwhile, we’ve suffered a de facto reorganization of our government; congress no longer governs; they’re too busy with the perpetual campaign and money raising. Regulators and courts have filled in the gap.

Whichever party is in charge will continue to cope with the hot issues thrown up by the opposition and media while ‘kicking the can down the road’ on the systemic problems that will bring us down. If you still believe that voting for the lesser of two evils will eventually fix things, you haven’t been paying attention.

How does it end? Who knows? Maybe we’ll be forced to restore our democracy.

Joe Bakewell

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