Thursday, July 6, 2017


    We suspect this poem/advertisement was published in the LaSalle News Tribune about August 5, 1950, by the dates of smaller advertisements on the back. A Google search discovered the following information:
   "VIVIAN VOLK, La Salle, Ill., first made the Line in 1950, and her success inspired further contributions to the Tribune's Wake of the News, and Rimes and Remnants departments. For the latter, she writes under the name of Bianca. Since then, she has sold items regularly to various religious publications. Mrs. Volk was born in La Salle, and still lives there with her family in the same home that her grandmother moved into 75 years ago." Chicago Tribune Archives, March 11, 1954.
   Readers with accurate information about the author or about Volk's Tap are requested to send  comments to this post.--CC editor.

   March 26, 2018.
   We obtained another Vivian Volk poem from a regular contributor and post it below.--C. C. Ed.

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