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Red Light Hotel in Cortland?

Cortland Evening Standard, Monday, February 16, 1903.


A Dozen People Found--Names Taken but No Arrests Made.

   The Park hotel was raided early yesterday morning by Chief of Police Barnes and Officers Baker and Townsend. The place was thoroughly searched and the names of about a dozen people, including both males and females, who were not registered as regular guests of the house, were taken. No arrests were made at the time of the raid.

   Chief Barnes stated this morning that he had received many complaints concerning the manner in which the place was being conducted. The three went to the hotel at 2:30 o'clock in the morning to make the investigation.

   City Judge Dougherty has issued about a half dozen subpoenas at present and more may be issued this afternoon. All are summoned to appear at city court tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock to give evidence as to why they were at the hotel at that hour of the night.

 Had Rats Enough.

   A Brockport man was recently made the victim of a peculiar joke. Some one advertised in his name for 1,000 live rats. Rat traps were in great demand and finally hundreds of rodents were brought to the victim. He promises to shoot the next person who brings or mentions rats to him.

Cortland Evening Standard, Friday, February 13, 1903.
Sig. Sautelle to Conduct one at Lake View--Good Fishing.
   Sig. Sautelle, showman, hotel keeper and dealer in real estate in general, has now purchased of Charles S. Rowe the site of Lake View hotel, 6 miles from Cincinnatus. The hotel, which burned three years ago, will be rebuilt this summer by Mr. Sautelle, who will conduct it as a summer house. The place is pleasantly located near a small lake, in which is excellent fishing. He will put up a substantial 40 or 50 room building.

Cortland Evening Standard, Tuesday, February 17, 1903.
Depositions Taken Concerning the Raid Upon the Park Hotel.
   Seven depositions were taken in the matter of the Park hotel raid this morning. At 9 o’clock Fireman’s hall was filled with onlookers. But when it was found that the statements of the people who were found in the hotel by the officers were to be taken behind closed doors the crowd quickly dispersed. Only City Judge Dougherty, District Attorney Dowd, Chief Barnes and the stenographer were present when each witness gave his or her statement of what transpired at the Park hotel at the time in question.
   No warrant for the arrest of any of the parties has been issued as yet.

As Suggested by the Grand Jury and the Board of Supervisors.
   The repairs on the court house have been started. The steam pipes have all been covered, the eave troughs have been repaired, and Poll, the parrot, who was greatly disturbed recently by the ice that came from the roof through the window and knocked her out of the cage, looks upon the job with a wink of approbation. The rooms are being  repapered and painted, and new mattings will be placed in the halls.



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