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Cortland’s 1892-93 Armory Building.
     The Peck Bros. building, shown in the below photograph in Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Cortland, was the old Cortland Armory. Our research indicates that it was built in the 1880’s and named the Mammoth Roller-Skating Rink. When the roller-skating craze faded in Cortland, the building was used for exhibits, foot races, storage and other purposes. Later it was acquired by the 45th Separate Company.
     “Peck Bros, started in business on Feb. 1, 1896, when they opened the store at 97 Main street, together with a store house in the rear for the sale of agricultural machinery, implements, wagons, sleighs, horse furnishing goods and farmers' supplies. In 1897 they started a lumber business and on April 1, 1899, they took possession of the armory on Main street. This building encloses a space 80 x 220 feet which they have cut up into two departments, viz.: The horse furnishing goods, manufactory and ware rooms, which together with the office, occupies a space 30 x 60 feet, and the display rooms for implements, machinery and vehicles occupying the rest of this large sized building. In the rear of the armory they have established the lumber business. The firm comprises M. J. and L. W. Peck, both of whom are natives of Solon, Cortland county.” —Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Cortland, 1899.
   The armory (unnumbered) can be recognized on the 1894 map. [Use the cursor to move the map left or right.] Number 21 was the carriage repair building of E. A. McGraw at 137 Main Street, north of the armory building. Number 59 is the Cortland Standard block; number 36 was the Squire’s block and old clock-tower; number 32 was the Messenger House and number 46 was W. W. Brown’s harness making business across the street from the armory.
   The armory location is occupied today by TC3 Cortland Extension classrooms.
   [If any reader has additional information on this building, please leave a comment--CC editor.] 

photo credit Grip's Historical Souvenir of Cortland.

1894 map segment of Cortland.


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