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Remember the Maine

Transcribed from the December 29, 1899  Cortland Evening Standard.

 Niagara Courier's Comments on Mr. Mantanye’s Tramp Theory.

The Niagara Courier of Dec. 23 says:

Hon. W. J. Mantanye of Cortland, one of the state prison commissioners, has given his opinion in an interview published in the Syracuse Post-Standard, of the operations of the law regarding tramps. He disapproves of the present law as applicable to counties that have not made special provisions for sentencing tramps to the county jail and to work. He says the law is not a success, as it requires tramps to be sentenced to the nearest penitentiary, involving liberal fees for justices and officers, sometimes amounting to from $10 to $25 in each case. Tramps have come to know of this law and they flock into this state as cold weather comes on, and often ask to be sent up until spring, when they go forth on a summer campaign of beggary. The state pays for penitentiary charges, but this really falls upon the tax-payers of the state. St. Lawerance [St. Lawrence], Oneida, Tioga, Orange and some other counties have provided to care for tramps by making them work under the sheriff, and they are pretty careful to avoid those counties. Work doesn't agree with them. Mr. Mantanye advocates the re-enactment of the law that for fifty years was successful, requiring tramps to be sent to the county jail, and compelled to work. He is a lawyer of standing in Cortland, and enjoys a wide acquaintance in the state. We know him to be a gentleman who has become well informed on this and kindred subject, that come under his observation us a prison commissioner. We presume he will press the matter upon the attention of the legislature, several of its members having served with him in the last constitutional convention.



Cortland House, N. Main Street
Cortland House, corner of Main Street and Groton Ave. Opera House was on left in old Barber block at 8-12 Groton Avenue. Later it was called the Cortland Theatre and still later it became the site for a small Sears Roebuck store.(old postcard)
Opera House, Groton Avenue west from Main Street

Restored Smith Opera House, Geneva, N.Y.
WM. W. WALLACE, BUS. Manager.
Lincoln J. Carter's
Monster scenic surprise,
Remember the Maine
A gigantic reproduction of the mimic
stage of the most stirring events of the late war.
SEE The arrival of the Maine, Havana Harbor
at night, Corregidor Fort, Cavite
Fort, the working of the Batteries controlling
the Mines in the Harbor.
See the destruction of the Maine.
See the Battle of Manila.
The greatest battle scene ever shown on
any stage.
Prices 35c, 50c and 75c.
Seats on sale at Rood & Co.'s Saturday at 9 a.m.
[2013 equivalent prices: $30, $42, and $64--ed.]

Cortland Evening Standard, Tuesday, January 2, 1900.
An Excellent Entertainment

There was a large audience at the Opera House last night to see "Remember the Maine" and all were well pleased. The company was a strong one and the electrical and mechanical effects were very fine.

Ann Arbor Argus Democrat, December 1, 1899


Grain-O Brings Relief
To the coffee drinker. Coffee drinking is
a habit that is universally indulged in
and almost as universally injurious.
Have you tried Grain-O?
It is almost like coffee but the effects are just the opposite.
Coffee upsets the stomach, ruins the digestion,
effects the heart and disturbs the whole nervous system.
Grain-O tones up the stomach, aids digestion and
strengthens the nerves. 15c and 25c per package.

Undoubted Reliability is Expressed
in Cortland Endorsement.
What you want is home endorsement, the backing of people you know. Cortland proof for Cortland people. That's what follows here. Surely no better backing can be bad than the following statement from Mr. J. A. Townsend of 8 Railroad Ave:
"I learned of the value of Doan's Kidney Pills through my brother-in-law residing near Dresserville. My wife only gave him a portion of a box but those few benefited him so much that the next time he was in Cortland he went to C. F. Brown's drug store and bought two boxes. He had had considerable pain in the back and excessive secretions of the kidneys so much so that his rest was greatly broken at nights on this account. He told us the pills did him a great deal of good. Others we know have spoken very highly of this remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name, Doan's, and take no substitute.

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