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David Ross Locke

The Cortland News, Friday, January 30, 1885.


Mr. Nasby’s Views as to What the Democratic Success Really Means.

Confederit X Roads, (Which is in the State of Kentucky,) Jan. 19, 1885.

   The debate in the Senit over the printin uv the utterances uv that recklus and audawshus rebel agin the South, Gen. Sherman, uv the late Yoonitid States army, wich stigmatized Jeffson Davis, President uv the Suspended Confedrasy, ez a traitor, don't apeer to pleas some of our allies uv the thinskinned Dimocrisy uv the North, wich hev a noshum that it would hev bin better hed the Southern Senators kep ther mouths shet.

   These timid Dimoccrats don't hev a cleer idee az to wat was the reel meenin uv the late Presidenshel eleckshun, wich resultid in the triumfal eleckshun uv the ex-Sheriff Cleveland to the Presidency.

   They don't seem to understand that it wuz in no sense a truimf and endorsement uv the Dimocratic party, except so fur ez the Dimocratic party represents the suspendid but not dead Confedrisy. We uv the South insist that this pint be perpetooally kep in mind.

   In 1861 the Southern States entered upon a croosade fur the God given rite uv whalin black niggers in the South and roolin white niggers in the North. Jeffson Davis wuz chosen our leeder. One Southern soljer bein ekal to five Northern ones, we shood hev got thro all rite hed it not bin for the hordes uv Irish and Dutch wich the feend Linkin kep pourin into the feeld again us. Overpowered by the horde of furriners (not reel Northern men fur, ez the shivelry allaz insisted, one Southern man wuz ekal to five Northern ones.) It did not die—it only suspendid and bided its time. We consentid to come back into the Yoonyun, relyin with entire confidence on the continyood fidelity uv our Northern allies, and certain that in time we shood regane at the ballot box wat we hed lost on the feeld.

   Wat hez bin the question at ishoo ever sence that fatal day at Appomotax Court House? Wat hez the Republikin party alluz denied and wat hev we alluz insisted? Why simply that the South wuz rite in its struggle for existence, and that the North wuz wrong. We went into every Presidenshel contest on that ishoo, and that ishoo alluz beet us.

   Last fall we fit the fite over again on that identikle ishoo, and won. What follows? Are we uv the South not to enjoy the froots uv our victry? Who elected Cleveland? Wuz it Vermont, and Ohio and Iowa? Wat wood the Dimocrisv hev bin good fur without the solid South? Did we carry Mississippy and South Karlina, and them states, and how did we do it? Did we make sacrifices fur the coz, or didn't we? Who wuz it wich stood at the poles in all them states armed with trusty shotguns, and kept the niggers from voting the Republikin tikkit, and likewise Northern carpet baggers wich hev come down to them states to start biznis? Wuz it the Dimocrisv uv the North wich kept the Southern states in line and reely elected Cleveland?

   It wuz the Confedrisy wich elected Cleveland, and the Confedrisy perposes to enjoy the froots uv its own victry.

   Nor is the Confedrisy goin to be modest about it. The Confedrisy dosen't perpose to stand back and be run by its allies, The tale ain't goin to wag the dog. The dog happens to be the biggest. The Confedrisy is now the Government, and the Confedrisy perposes to be recognized ez sich. We are goin to controle the Cabinit, and we are goin to see that it is filled with sich ez we dictate. We don't say that we shel make servis in the Confedrit army a qualificashen fur offis under the noo administrashen, fur we want to be liberel, but even that is goin to hev its wate. It isn't to be expected that all uv the Dimocrisy uv the North cood actilly hev bin in the Confedrit servis, and, ez I sed, we shant make actooal servis with us a qualificashen; but the applicant fur place from the North will hev to make it appear that he did at least sympathise with us, and did wat he cood fur the suxcess uv the coz.

   We shan't insist upon changin the flag uv the kentry trom the Stars and Stripes to the Stars and Bars, for it wood do no good, and we don't keer about irritation anybody. Now that we hev the substanshel froots uv the victry, now that we hev sole control uv things we kin afford to be magnanimus over to them wich fit under the old flag. So that we hev actooal controle it don't matter wat flag we shel dror our salaries under, and we are willin the old flag shel remane, but we dont want to be askt to concede too much.

   But we want it distinctly understood that the day uv the bloo yooniform hez past. Fur twenty-five years a bloo yoonitorm on a one-legged man hez bin a sufishnt recommendashen fur a place in Washington. In the fucher, ez in the past, a military yooniform and the loss uv a arm or leg is goin to be a recommendashun fur a place under the government, but the color is changed. The bloo hez gone out, and the grey is goin to take its place.

   That's wat's goin to happen. To the victors b'long the spoils—the Confedrasy, not the Dimocrisy, wuz the victors in the last battle.

   Therefore we serve notis on everybody that we shel controle the appointments in the interest uv the Confedracy and we also perpose to be treetid with doo respeck. We shel not permit disrespectful alloosions to Jeffson Davis, nor shel we allow the struggle we made fur our rites to be characterized ez a rebelyun. That day is over, and over furever. We expect to claim everything that the victry we acheeved entitles us to every time.

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