Monday, May 15, 2017


C.S.D. 2017-18 School Budget Proposal.

     At a cost of $19,800 per pupil, based on projected expenditures and preliminary 2016-17 enrollment of 2504 students, why were various report card statistics not included in the flyer which was mailed to households in the district? Is the 80% graduation rate something to be ashamed of? Is the true cost per pupil something that should be hidden from the public?
     A few years ago the CORTLAND CONTRARIAN and the State Comptroller’s office criticized the school district for hiding funds in the budget. Does the cover up continue? Is no one accountable?
     With an increase of six percent in direct state aid and possibly more in legislators’ grants from the State and Municipal Facilities Program or similar programs, should the district contribute more of its surplus in this budget or reduce expenditures?
     A few years ago about $600,000 of members’ items was not itemized in the preliminary budget. We were told that the money was quietly deposited in a dedicated reserve fund, a harder nut to crack, after the budget was adopted.
     A graduation rate of 80% is nothing to crow about. Proclaiming “the tax levy will remain the same as last year” is also nothing to crow about. The graduation rate should be increased, and the tax levy should be reduced substantially.
     It can and should be done.

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